Hello World (or anyone that’s looking)

And so it begins, my first journey into blogging about Oracle APEX and other exciting (?) stuff.
Ok, so I’m not sure how you ended up here but welcome! This is just a quick first post to start things going and say what you may/may not expect from visiting this place.
So let’s kick off with a bit about me. I’m a Senior Developer at APEX Evangelists, spending most of my time developing software solutions in Oracle APEX (of all things). I’ve been in the IT industry since the late 90’s (yes – I know I don’t look old enough), and I’ve turned my hand at many roles – you name it, I’ve probably done it.
So why Blog now? Well after a change of role just over two years ago, I was lucky enough to start working at AE, and everyday I realise how good a tool Oracle APEX is. So it’s about time I tried to share some ideas and experiences. Previously about ten percent of my week was developing software, but now it’s the core of my working day. The selling point to me about APEX is how quickly you can spin up a tool that will make a difference, whether it be a simple customer logging application or a full blown ERP.
So what’s to come? I hope to blog, not just about APEX but hopefully the wider world that is IT, but bringing it back to the APEX world when i can.
How frequent will I blog, I hear you ask! Well my personal aim is once a week, but realistically that will turn in to every two weeks but if anyone is actually reading this in 2024 and this is the only post – I have failed on many levels.
So, upcoming posts I’m thinking of, include some funky SVG stuff, some nice data integration items and try and bring some original IoT ideas into the mix.
Ok that’s it for now, at least the page is blank no more. Check back soon though!

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