APEX Login Page - Video Background

A short and sweet blog post but hopefully of interest.

There have been a few tweets recently about customising the login page in APEX to have background images, and I thought it was about time I blogged again about something I setup for a very small piece of John’s KSCOPE17 presentation.

Basically, the request was to add a video to the background of a single page application (which had no login page).

So, I’ve decided to document how to do this on the Login Page.

You just need a mp4 file of the video of choice (I used https://videos.pexels.com/ for the stock video), and upload to static files in your application.

Then from a coding side, there are only really two components to it:

Add the following CSS into your application:

Then in the HTML Header of Page 101, add the following:

That’s it.

Check out the demo in Chrome (unfortunately probably wont work in IE7) , and change the select list to get some more examples - here

Obviously, consider the size of the videos you are embedding but I think the output is pretty impressive.

Any comments, please contact me via Twitter @RCDacre